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Saturday June 13th

9:30 pm at The Path Cafe in NYC

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Saturday June 13, 2015

9:30pm PATH CAFE


131 Christopher St [view map]

New York, NY

I’m baaaaaack! That’s right, after quite some time off, I’m back and ready to play. And I couldn’t have picked a better night to do it. That’s because there will be an all-star lineup: The night kicks off with the legendary Don Turner at 6:30pm, followed by the talented Valerie Gomes at 7:30pm, and then Michael McHugh’s rockin’ band at 8:30pm. I’ll be taking the stage at 9:30pm, and I’ve got some very new stuff to show off! This is a FREE SHOW, so please come on down for some drinks and good tunes!!
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Surfboard (ft Don Turner & Paul Hickey)

I Tried (ft Don Turner & Paul Hickey)

I Don’t Need You

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Play the Field


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Surfboard (johnnie-O apparel advertisement)



Chris DaSilva is a singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist currently living and working the music scene in New York City. Writing and performing in a variety of styles; from power infused rock and roll, to reggae flavored pop with catchy hooks, to the thoughtful touch of a singer-songwriter — all with lyrics that often display a wry sense of humor — it is clear to all who have heard him that Chris is a one-of-a-kind talent.

It all started when I began taking classical piano lessons at the age of six. I moved on to take jazz and improv lessons until that one day in my early teens when I first heard and fell deeply for the sound of Led Zeppelin. Though certainly not my last influence, their music and that of other bands was important because it inspired me to pick up the guitar.

Soon after, I discovered that I had a knack for writing songs.

While living in Pennsylvania a few years later, I was asked to join a friend’s reggae-influenced band that had, until that point, played only to the furniture in the basement of our shared house. It only took one jam session for me to get hooked on that infectious reggae groove, and before long we started landing gigs at local bars around the Penn State campus. I began writing songs that combined my rock influences with reggae vibe. The mix created a unique sound that would often incorporate the melodies and structures of punk, rock and pop.

When my first band split up (as most first bands are destined to do) I returned to my old stomping grounds in New Jersey and formed a new band with a couple of childhood friends. Armed with a new found approach to songwriting and performing, we quickly became very popular in the western NJ area, packing the local bars every weekend. After a year of constant gigging, songwriting and the recording of a live CD, the band parted ways and I decided to move to New York City.

Not long after arriving in the city, I teamed up with bassist Steven Holder, and we formed “According To Wendy”. Over time, “ATW” changed names, and some members came and went (and came again), but the core of Steve and myself kept that unique reggae-influenced sound alive while playing dozens and dozens of shows in some of New York’s most famous and popular venues, including The Bitter End, Kenny’s Castaways, CBGB’s Lounge, Fontana’s and Crash Mansion. Incorporating occasional elements of folk, funk and indie rock, we released several CD’s, including a self-titled, studio album which contained songs like Rasta Dog, Soul, Goose Bumps and LES. A second CD which included the popular, show stopping song “Surfboard” (which has been featured in several promotional videos, including one by the California retail brand, Johnny-O Surfwear) soon followed.

I have since branched out to solo gigging, from busking in public parks to playing acoustic shows at intimate lounges and venues such as The Sidewalk Cafe. Used to sharing the stage with fellow musicians, the challenge of playing solo has allowed me to continue to grow as an artist through writing and performing with a more intimate approach.

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